Pila stick


If you require a basic energy-saving bulb in a compact design, this Economy light bulb is the best "value for money" choice. Lasting up to 6 years, this PILA compact bulb will save up to 80% energy and money.

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Product description Downloads Light output (lm) EAN
Economy Stick 8W WW E27 box Datasheet (pdf) 460 8727900962222
Economy Stick 11W WW E27 box Datasheet (pdf) 660 8727900962246
Economy Stick 11W WW E14 box Datasheet (pdf) 660 8727900962260
Economy Stick 14W WW E27 box Datasheet (pdf) 856 8727900962284
Economy Stick 18W WW E27 box Datasheet (pdf) 1100 8727900962161